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“Easter Encounters: Life Lessons from the Games We Play”

May 21  ”Trivial Pursuit” Study Guide

May 14  ”Minecraft” Study Guide

May 7  ” Ticket to Ride” Study Guide

April 30 “Apples to Apples” Study Guide

April 23 “Blind Man’s Bluff” Study Guide

“Into the Darkness, Finding the Light”

April 16 “The Gift of Life” Study Guide

April 9 “The Gift of Emptiness“ Study Guide

April 2 “The Gift of Getting Lost” Study Guide

March 26 “The Gift of Disappearing” Study Guide

March 19  ”The Gift of MisfitsStudy Guide

March 12 “The Gift of Uncertainty” Study Guide

March 5 “The Gift of Temptation” Study Guide

February 26 “The Gift of Being Thunderstruck“ Study Guide

“Finding a Faith that Matters”

February 19 “Community that Transforms the World“ Study Guide

February 12 “Living out Love” Study Guide

February 5 “Communion in the Midst of Conflict“ Study Guide

January 29 “Called to Live an Authentic Faith” Study Guide

January 22 “Do we need faith?“ Study Guide