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Sometimes life can seem like a cruel game where we don’t know the rules, or how to play or even understand the game board or pieces.  We hear it said that we have been dealt a terrible hand or it is an awful roll of the dice.  Albert Einstein’s favorite quote was said to be, “God doesn’t play dice with the universe.”  Isn’t it interesting that a person who had no real faith could believe such a thing?  Yet, the Easter moment and the Easter experience is all about a God who doesn’t deal bad hands, but a God who knows and understands human beings and the worst that they can offer and responds with a resounding, “YES”!  Yes, to love, yes to grace, yes to God overcoming evil with good.  During the fifty days of Easter we will explore the Easter stories and encounters and see what lessons new LIFE in Christ offers.  Join us for worship and the series, “Easter Encounters: Life Lessons from the Games We Play”.

April 23

“Blind Man’s Bluff, Seeing is Believing”

John 20: 19-31

Blind Man’s Bluff Study Guide


April 30

“Apples to Apples, If this then that”

John 14: 1-14

Apples to Apples Study Guide


May 7

“Ticket to Ride, Seeing Jesus Along the Way”

Luke 24: 13-35

Ticket to Ride Study Guide


May 14- Mother’s Day

“Building a Home, What Minecraft Doesn’t Include”

John 14: 23-27

Minecraft Study Guide


May 21- Graduation Sunday

“Trivial Pursuit, Where Knowledge and Wisdom Meet”

Trivial Pursuit Study Guide

May 28

“The Game of Life, Called, Sent, Blessed”

Luke 24: 44-53