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“The Character of a Methodist” In our culture, the New Year offers a “re-do”, a chance to make resolutions, and tend to all those things we meant to do throughout the previous year. Usually our resolutions include things like losing weight, getting back to the gym and back into shape, going to church and reading the Bible or some other spiritual discipline. This January at First Church we will look at “The Character of a Methodist” by John Wesley and the five traits he names based on Jesus’ understanding of the greatest commandment. Join us as we resolve to more deeply and authentically love God with all our hearts souls, minds and spirits and to love our neighbor as ourselves. What if we looked seriously at how to get all of those parts of who we are back into shape? How could that change the outlook for your 2018?

January 14

“Loving God with All Our Heart”

Isaiah 43: 1-7, Mark 1: 9-11

Loving God with All Our Heart Study Guide


January 21

“Loving God with All Our Soul”

Isaiah 43: 18-25, Mark 1: 21-28


January 28

“Loving God with All Our Mind”

Romans 12: 1-2, Mark 2: 1-12


February 4

“Loving God with All Our Strength”

Isaiah 40: 21-31, Mark 1: 32-39


February 11

“Loving God and Loving Others”

1 Corinthians 13, Mark 9: 2-8