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“Calm and Bright” 200 years of “Silent Night” The season of Advent begins on Sunday December 2. This year our theme is “Calm and Bright”. Two Hundred years ago, the beloved carol “Silent Night, Holy Night” was shared for the first time. This year during Advent we will focus on this beautiful carol and see how the words and music can prepare our hearts for the birth of Christ Jesus. Each week we will look at a different verse and light a different candle and be invited to find a sense of peace and joy and love and hope. There are many activities in which to participate to deepen this sacred season. Come join us this Advent!

December 2

“Peace in the Midst of Conflict”

Isiah 2: 1-4, Luke 1: 68-79


December 9

“Joy in the Midst of Uncertainty”

Isaiah 12: 2-6, Luke 1: 39-45



“Love in the Midst of Hate”

Zephaniah 3: 14-20, Luke 1: 46-55


December 23

“Hope in the Midst of Fear”

Isaiah 52: 7-10, Matthew 1: 18-25


December 24

“Christ is Born!”

Isaiah 9: 2-7, Luke 2: 1-20


December 30

“Light in the Midst of Darkness”

Isaiah 11: 1-10, John 1: 1-14