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Attention First Church 2019-20 College Students

Each year, the Scholarship Committee of First United Methodist Church awards scholarships to church members who wish to pursue a post-secondary education. This includes, but is not limited to, graduating high school seniors, students already attending college, and seminary students. Scholarships are funded through named endowments and other gifts to the church specified for scholarships. Students are eligible to receive a scholarship from the church for up to five years, provided they meet the scholarship requirements. A new application is required each year. Completed 2019-20 Scholarship Application packets are due at the church by Friday, January 18 at 5 p.m. In 2019, the application due date is earlier in order to help students who are applying for other matching United Methodist scholarships. Earlier scholarship award decisions and announcements will also facilitate spring recognitions of First Church’s high school seniors. If you have any questions about the scholarship process, please contact Dr. Mike Willome, 2019 Scholarship Committee chairperson, at 943-9306.

*Deadline for applications is January 18, 2019

Scholarship Application 2019-20