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Many years ago a cookbook came out called, “The Joy of Cooking” and numerous editions later, it still is the “go to” cookbook for many. It came out at a time when most women stayed home and cooked for their family. It is a much different world. Families are frantically busy, there are multiple restaurants, meal sites and Uber Eats and the “joy of cooking” is lost in the midst of the craziness of the twenty-first century schedule.

As a part of our “Setting the Table” sermon series, Pastor Cindy will be teaching classes in July and August, to re-introduce joy and fun in cooking, in eating, and in feasting. Each class will focus on a different aspect of cooking and will end in eating and sharing together. Each week the class will gather at 10:30 a.m. or 5:30 p.m. in the kitchen to prepare and cook a meal. Beginners to experienced cooks are welcome, however class sizes are limited to 20 persons per session. The cost is $10 per class to cover the cost of the food and to pay the high school dishwashers. To make your reservation, please contact Teresa Fields in Pastor Cindy’s office. or 316-267-6244 ext. 310. If you need childcare, we will need to know by July 15.

July 25: Loaves & Fishes John 6: 1-13

People are often afraid to cook fish. Salmon will be prepared with side dishes.

August 15: Daniel’s FeastDaniel 1: 1-17

Summer is a great time to explore local fruits and vegetables. When Israel had been forced into exile in Babylon, the food was much different. Daniel, as one of those chosen to be part of the royal household refused the “rich food and wine” and asked to be allowed a diet of vegetables and water. Vegetarian fare will be featured.

August 22: Jesus at the TableLuke 15: 1-32

Too often, people are afraid to invite someone for dinner. It’s important to be able to serve up food the tis delicious and easy to prepare. Jesus was all about eating , sharing and laughing at the table. A simple dinner to enjoy life!