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First United Methodist Church would like to invite you to join us in 15 minutes of prayer each day. This can be at 7:30 p.m. or any time that is more convenient. We know that God listens when our hearts and prayers are united, to find healing, comfort, and guidance from Him during this time. Thank you for joining us.

Dear God, who sees us, knows us, and loves us just as we are, we praise you! Your mercy and compassion amaze us. We thank you, Lord!  You’re always with us. You care what happens to each of us every moment.  This gives us hope, even in the midst of today’s troubles.  God of comfort, you teach us to trust.  Your love is profound. The life and teachings of your son Jesus and the guidance of his Spirit, encourage us to follow his path.  May our hearts expand to include all of your creation, realizing we all carry the sacred signature of our Creator.   All glory goes to you, Lord Jesus Christ!  Please soothe our grieving souls for the losses we have endured and will suffer in the future.  Give us courage and strength enough to share with the fearful.  We appreciate life and treasure our families and friends. We yearn to worship you once again in the place we have chosen to gather and know the time will come when it is safe enough. Meanwhile, we continue to pray in our homes and stay close to you. Despite misfortune and evil in the world, open our eyes to see your fingerprint upon the good that will rise like a rainbow after the storm.  Bless and keep us in your loving embrace, Great Protector.