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THANK YOU to all who have become certified in the Conference’s Safe Gatherings on-line training course.  By your commitment, First Church will continue to be the renowned pacesetter in Christian service.  If you have not yet registered, time is running short to do so, and it is so very important that you make this commitment with us.   

“How do I do this?”

  1.  Register on-line here  

  2. Pay the fees and print the form at the end of the registration.  Bring it to the business office and First Church will reimburse you within 2 weeks for your $30 fee.


 We sincerely thank you for becoming registered for the Safe Gatherings training.   We are humbled by your commitment to your church and your commitment to the safety of our children, youth and developmentally disabled adult dependent persons.  May God richly bless you.  Please encourage others to become certified so First Church can continue to be THE leader in safe Christian service.