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Food, Faith and Fellowship

Throughout the Bible, food is present either as an imagery for God’s goodness and generosity or as a warning against the evils of idolatry and selfishness and greed.  From the beginning in Genesis, God offers all the fruits and food of the garden for Adam and Eve to eat and enjoy and being sent out of the garden, God still provides food although it will be much harder to gather and prepare.

In the earliest days of our faith, Sabbath was a commandment that was not to be broken and part of Sabbath was a blessing of bread and wine and feast every seven days.  In those days, before we had written down a word, the command of God was to eat and to feast and to give thanks and to worship, not occasionally, but every week.

Food and fellowship become a way of understanding and deepening our spirituality and our faith.  During this series we will explore Jesus at the table and food and hospitality as a discipleship practice.  Sunday mornings will have focus on specific biblical foods and images from Jesus’ life and ministry. We hope you will join us this summer for this series!

July 21

“Hospitality and Call”

Genesis 18: 1-15, Luke 5: 1-11

July 28

“Who is Welcome at the Table?”

Genesis 18: 16-33, Luke 5: 27-39

August 4

“Host of Heaven, Bread of Life”

Psalm 104: 1-6, 10-15, Luke 9: 10-17

August 11

“Salt Covenant of God”

Leviticus 2: 4-10, 13, Matthew 5: 13-16

August 18

“The Sweetness of God’s Abundance”

Micah 4: 1-4, Luke 13: 6-9

August 25

“The Oil of Healing”

James 5: 13-16, Luke 10: 25-37